Estudio de los puentes de las cinco mayores regiones económicas de China

Acaban de publicarnos un artículo en la revista International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (revista indexada en el JCR, en el primer cuartil) donde se estudia el ciclo de vida completo de seis puentes atirantados en las más importantes regiones económicas de China.

El trabajo se enmarca dentro del proyecto de investigación DIMALIFE que dirijo como investigador principal en la Universitat Politècnica de València.


The construction industry of all countries in the world is facing the issue of sustainable development. How to make effective and accurate decision-making on the three pillars (Environment; Economy; Social influence) is the key factor. This manuscript is based on an accurate evaluation framework and theoretical modelling. Through a comprehensive evaluation of six cable-stayed highway bridges in the entire life cycle of five provinces in China (from cradle to grave), the research shows that life cycle impact assessment (LCIA), life cycle cost assessment (LCCA), and social impact life assessment (SILA) are under the influence of multi-factor change decisions. The manuscript focused on the analysis of the natural environment over 100 years, material replacement, waste recycling, traffic density, casualty costs, community benefits and other key factors. Based on the analysis data, the close connection between high pollution levels and high cost in the maintenance stage was deeply promoted, an innovative comprehensive evaluation discrete mathematical decision-making model was established, and a reasonable interval between gross domestic product (GDP) and sustainable development was determined.


sustainable development; LCIA; LCCA; SILA; cable-stayed bridge; GDP.


ZHOU, Z.; ALCALÁ, J.; YEPES, V. (2021). Environmental, economic and social impact assessment: study of bridges in China’s five major economic regions. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18(1):122. DOI:10.3390/ijerph18010122

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