El concepto de paisaje dentro de los puertos deportivos: Bases para la consideración en la gestión

Acaban de publicarnos un artículo en la revista Ocean and Coastal Management (de Elsevier, indexada en el JCR), un artículo que trata sobre cómo influye el concepto de paisaje dentro de los puertos deportivos en la gestión. Se trata de un artículo de una línea de investigación que trata sobre el paisaje en la planificación y gestión de los puertos deportivos, y del cual ya escribimos un artículo para el caso de Andalucía. Este artículo lo podéis descargar gratuitamente hasta el 19 de julio de 2019 directamente en la siguiente dirección: https://authors.elsevier.com/c/1Z8es3RKK-g72d


The landscape is a complex concept that deals with the relationship between people and their environment. The concept therefore encompasses many perspectives, and each area of knowledge approaches it differently. Ports are unique elements within the landscape, with great attractiveness since ancient times, and its position on the coastline represents a superb base to observe their surroundings. Moreover, marinas are ports that specialize in pleasure crafts with a great potential for leisure. In this sense, this study introduces the landscape in the marinas —grounding its particularities of function and scale with respect to other port facilities— through a three-part Delphi survey that was conducted on a sample made up of an expert panel (n = 23) in landscape and marinas from academia, consulting and management practice from Spain. Based on the concept of landscape, and after the analysis of existing literature and documents, the current research examines expert opinion on the various elements that embrace the landscape in marinas. Through a combination of open-ended responses, and Likert-type questions, the experts’ panel attempts to identify the elements that should be considered in each of the approaching stages, and its respective rates. This set of criteria constitutes a starting point for a better understanding of the landscape in these types of maritime facilities. Also, it provides the basis to properly incorporate the landscape into the planning and management of marinas.


  • The landscape in the marinas has been traditionally treated in a confusing and intuitive way.
  • A list with the elements that make up the landscape within marinas is presented.
  • Assessment of the criteria is obtained through a Delphi method.
  • The results provide the basis for the integration of landscape in port management processes.


Delphi survey
Port management


MARTÍN, R.; YEPES, V. (2019). The concept of landscape within marinas: Basis for consideration in the management.Ocean & Coastal Management, 179:104815. DOI:10.1016/j.ocecoaman.2019.104815