Estudio paramétrico de pasarelas de hormigón de sección en cajón

Os dejo a continuación, en abierto, un estudio paramétrico que hemos realizado sobre pasarelas de hormigón postesado de sección en cajón. Espero que os sea de interés.


YEPES, V.; PÉREZ-LÓPEZ, E.; ALCALÁ, J.; GARCÍA-SEGURA, T. (2018). Parametric study of concrete box-girder footbridges. Journal of Construction Engineering, Management & Innovation, 1(2):67-74. doi:10.31462/jcemi.2018.01067074


This paper presents a study of the parametric variability of post-tensioned concrete box-girder pedestrian bridges. SAMO2 algorithm is used for the parametric study. This algorithm combines SA with a mutation operator, to find the economic solutions. A span-length parametric study analyzes the characteristics for the best design of a three-span deck in which the main span ranges from 30 to 60 m. The depth and the number of strands were adjusted according to span length, while the thickness of the slabs presented the same optimum values in all cases. Results show that the amount of steel and volume of concrete per square meter of deck shows a good correlation with the main span length. This study demonstrates that by increasing the main span length by one meter, the total cost per square meter of the deck increases by 6.38 euros on average. Thus, this paper shows the relationship between the span length and geometrical and steel variables to produce and build a cost-efficient pedestrian bridge.


Structural optimization; Post-tensioned concrete; Box-girder bridge; Pedestrian bridge

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