Optimización simultánea del coste y de la constructibilidad de pilares de hormigón armado

Os paso a continuación la comunicación completa presentada en el XL Ibero-Latin-American Congress on Computational Methods in Engineering (CILAMCE 2019), que tuvo lugar en Natal/RN, Brasil, del 11 al 14 de noviembre de 2019.


Structural design, in general, consists of an iterative process developed with base on the intuition and previous experience of the designer. This strategy makes the design exhaustive and makes difficult to obtain the best solution. In addition, usually only one design criterion is adopted, being usually cost or weight. If other issues are considered, such as the environmental impact or construction facility, a more complex problem need to be solved. In such context, the aim of this work is to present the development and implementation of a formulation for obtaining optimal sections of reinforced concrete columns subjected to uniaxial flexural compression, taking as objectives the minimization of the cost and the maximization of the constructability. The constraints of the problem are based on the verification of strength proposed by the Brazilian code ABNT NBR 6118/2014. To the optimization of the column section, Simulated Annealing optimization method was adopted, in which the amount and diameters of the reinforcement bars and the dimensions of the columns cross sections were considered as discrete variables. The total cost is composed of the cost of steel bars, concrete, and formworks, and the maximization of constructability is obtained by minimizing the total number of steel bars. The optimized sections were compared to those obtained considering only the cost as the objective function. To the example considered, it was observed that a significant reduction of the number of steel bars can be achieved with a small increase on the section cost.

Keywords: Optimization, Reinforced concrete, Columns, Cost, Constructability


KRIPKA, M.; YEPES, V.; GARCÍA-SEGURA, T. (2019). Otimização simultânea do custo e da constructibilidade de pilares em concreto armado. XL CILAMCE Ibero-Latin American Congress on Computational Methods in Engineering, 11-14 nov 2019, Natal/RN, Brazil.

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